Luke Bierbaum

8000 West Drive, Apt 208
North Bay Village, FL 33141
(561) 409-9872 |


Florida International University – Miami, FL

Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Research in Hypersonic Optimization and Propulsion
Anticipated Graduation: Dec 2022

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering – 3.99 GPA
Dean’s List – Spring 2019 through Summer 2021
Anticipated Graduation: May 2022


Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) – Panther Motorsports

Powertrain Manager
Feb 2020 – Current

  • Led the implementation of a new 2-cylinder engine, requiring redesign and validation of motor mounts, exhaust, intake, cooling, and electrical systems.
  • Optimized motor performance through tuning standalone electronic control unit via data logging software.
  • Designed an exhaust system that maximizes flow for power and is within design parameters to make use of exhaust scavenging.
  • Applied Solidworks and Ansys to simulate gas flow in the exhaust and validate motor mount design.
  • Modeled and assembled components, such as the engine, motor mounts, exhaust, intake, and radiator, enabling the team to work on other projects with confidence in the design tolerances.


Mechanical Design and Simulation

  • Solidworks: Mechanical Design, Simulation
  • Ansys, Simscale: FEA, Fluid, Thermal Simulation
  • Fusion 360 and some AutoCAD


  • Additive and CNC through CAM
  • Welding
  • Lathe and Mill
  • Handheld tools


  • C++
  • Python
  • HTML & CSS
  • Limited Java, Javascript, PHP, and SQL